Project Description

Corporate cricket has a whole new address. Franchise Cricket League. A group of young cricketers and sports aficionados, in a bid to reinvent Cricket in Hyderabad while retaining the spirit of the game started this. The idea was to allow participating players to experience and enjoy the true spirit of the game, and experience truly international standards of the game – a luxury only enjoyed by professional cricket players of national and international stature.

Franchise Cricket League (FCL) is the first step towards bringing those international standards and pure cricketing experience to these players from the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft among others, and eventually makes such high-standard of the game a prevalent culture in Hyderabad.

To bring that experience to the participating players, who are cricketers under the skin but could not make it big and also to those who want to stay fit celebrating the sport, was a part of their plans. And it became an instant hit.