Newspaper advertisements refer to advertisements published in the newspaper. The advertisement rates for newspaper ads vary from one newspaper to another depending on its circulation, language, geographic presence, readership and market leadership among other reasons.

What Type of Newspaper Advertisement Will Suit You

Newspaper advertisements can be broadly classified into three types:

Classified Advertisements: Classified advertisements are small sentences or messages that specify the requirement of the advertiser. These messages are usually grouped (or classified) under a particular category. Hence, the name classified.

These  ads are measured in the number of words or number of lines, usually and have little scope of design and colouring.

Classified ads are usually black and white lines of text and positioned with other similar ads under a particular category. See Examples

Classified Display Advertisements: These are same as classified advertisements but the content can be stylized a little and enclosed in a box border.

Ad size is usually measured in square centimeters for this category. These ads cost slightly more than the classified text ads. but provide scope for design and basic styling of the advertisement. See Examples

Display Advertisements: Newspaper Display ads refer to advertisements involving graphics, text, images, etc.

Display advertisements are usually bigger, more graphical than classified display advertisements and cost of advertising is decided by the total size of the advertisement, usually measured in square centimeters (Width (cm) x Height (cm)). See Examples

How Can You Advertise in Top Newspapers Of India

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