Tameer to Guide Country and Community in the Light of Life of Prophet Muhammed

Hyderabad, November 7: To commemorate the Milad un Nabi (the birth anniversary of Islam’s last Prophet Muhammed PBUH), the All India Majlis e Tameer-e-Millat, one of the foremost Muslim organizations in Hyderabad,  has announced to help Muslims of India, Hyderabad in particular, to “live in peace with dignity in the changing political socio economic situation of the country.”

Addressing a media conference at the Tameer-e-Millat headquarters in Narayanguda on Thrusday afternoon, President of Majlis-e-Tameer-e-Millat Mr Syed Jaleel Ahmed and Chairman of the 70th Reception Committee Dr Fakhruddin Mohammed said “the Tameer e Millat will help empower the Muslims as the community has been reeling through different crises. Their identity, social security and political representation are at stake.”

“Tameer e Millat, through its 70th public meeting, will help Muslims bail out from these crises”, he said.

This year, marks the 70th consecutive year of public meetings on the life of Prophet Muhammed PBUH, organized by the Tameer e Millat.  Elaborate arrangements are being made to observe the Milad un Nabi. According to Dr. Fakhruddin, “the theme for this year is Milad un Nabi: Mulk aur Millat (Prophet’s Birth Anniversary: Country and Community)”.

“Many Muslims have laid down their lives sir India independence, despite that Muslims in India are being suppressed, their rights and Contributions being distorted, and they are going through the most challenging times since independence”, said Mr. Jaleel.

As part of the 70th Jalsa, International Islamic preacher Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, Maulana Syed Ashhad Rasheedi,  Maulana Mufti Sanaul Huda Qasmi will address the public meeting on Sunday, 10th November at Exhibition Ground, Nampally.”

On Monday, (11th November) Member of Parliament Kishanganj Mohammed Jawed, CEO Shifa Hospital Bangalore Dr Mushtaq Ahmed, Shaikhul Fiqh of Jamia Nizamia Mufti Syed Ziauddin Zaqshbandi, and Mr. Syed Qaisar Mahmood will address the public meeting on the companions of Prophet Muhammed at the Chanchalguda Junior College Ground.

According to organization’s President and senior advocate Syed Jaleel Ahmed, “Tameer e Millat was constituted 70 years in a situation of turmoil. At a time when the Muslims of erstwhile Hyderabad State were shattered after the fall of Hyderabad and by the subsequent incidents, Tameer-e-Millat was constituted in an attempt to boost the morale and uplift the confidence of the bereaved Muslims. These crises are identical to the circumstances in which the Tameer-e-Millat was founded 70 years ago”.

Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed said “since its inception, the organization has been organizing massive congregational meetings annually to commemorate the birth of Islam’s last Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

These public meetings, which have become a tradition in Milad un Nabi (birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammed PBUH) in Hyderabad, were aimed at enlightening the community to survive and win over socio economic and political challenges of the time. Through these meetings, the organization has been helping Muslims “to strengthen their inter faith relationships and bolster their coexistence with other communities in peace”.

During its 70 years, eminent personalities including religious and political leaders of international, national prominence across the religious lines have addressed these public meetings. This year marks the 70th public meeting organized by the Tameer e Millat on the life of Prophet Muhammed PBUH, and the Jalsa Yaum e Sahaba (public meeting on the Companions of Prophet Muhammed PBUH) is significant as Muslims of India are reeling through similar crises when the Tameer e Millt was founded.

On the 70th public meeting, the organization will invoke its founding objectives; call upon the youth to join hands for a better and peaceful future where Muslims coexist in dignity with others communities as its founders Maulana Syed Khaleelullah Hussaini, and his associates Mazhar Quadri, Maulana Raheem Quraishi, Sulaiman Sikandar had envisioned.

According to Secretary of the 70th Reception Committee Mr Omer Ahmed Shafeeq, different talks and interactive programs are being organized across the city. Debates, elocution and quiz competitions are being organized by the Tameer e Millat for students.  Members Mr. Wahaj Siddiqui, and others were also present on this occasion.